Terms and conditions

Dear ebike tour participant!

We are very happy that you have decided to take a ride with us!

We will do our maximum so that you enjoy the tour and also that you feel safe. The tour is designed so that we avoid the cars as much as possible and the guide constantly checks if you are fine and do not face any difficulties.

However, riding an electric bike in a city, as well as an ordinary bike, carries certain risks, which might not be predicted or prevented. We thus advise you to consider an insurance which covers riding a bicycle (electric bicycle) in the city.

With your signature you hereby confirm that:

  • You are able to ride an ordinary bike and you have fully understood the instructions to operate the AGOGS electric bicycle.
  • You are taking the tour at your own risk, as Pavones, s.r.o. or its employees shall not be liable for any damage relating to the loss of property, injury of any kind or any damage relating to another person’s property or health. You have been advised to consider insurance for the above mentioned. You agree not to raise any claims against Pavones, s.r.o. in connection with any incident which should have the above mentioned consequences and your participation in the ebike tour.
  • You have been provided with a safety helmet.
  • You will obey the instructions set by the guide and will not in any way spoil other peoples tour by not obeying those. You agree to follow the guide and not to deviate from the route set by the guide. You agree to follow local rules and laws.
  • You have understood that Pavones, s.r.o. is not liable for any delay or impossibility to continue the tour, which are caused by conditions beyond its control.
  • You are over 18 years old or you are aware of the fact that Pavones, s.r.o. is not responsible for your activities if you are not; it is your legal representative who is still responsible for you.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH and enjoy your ride and stay in Prague!

Prague on ebike/Pavones, s.r.o.

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