Concert at the Staropramen brewery and Prague on ebike tour along the river Vltava!


Major beer brewery in Prague, Staropramen, is organizing a special event – concert of a legendary Prague hip hop band PSH, combined with a possibility to have a tour of the brewery.  This is a very unique opportunity to try  the atmosphere of a Czech music festival, check the secrets of manufacturing the Czech national treasure and at the same time help to raise awareness of the handicapped people for which this event is organized. The event starts at 15.00 and ends at 22.00. 

You can use this opportunity to enjoy our VIP Prague on ebike  tour around the river Vltava. Passing the National Theatre and the famous Dancing House, we will check the famous and trendy nightlife area of  Naplavka (riverside nearby Vyšehrad) and start off with a drink at one of the boats. Our ride continues up to Vyšehrad, with beautiful viewpoints towards the nature outside of Prague, as well as to the Prague Castle. Descending down we will have the opportunity to visit the Prague Beach, as summer is not over yet. Our tour will continue on one of the nicest cycling paths alongside the river, optionallly we can climb up another  hills for a wonderful vista – Dobeška hill at the residential area of Branik. We will cross the bridge in Zbraslav, beautiful village like district of Prague, and turn our ebikes to come back to the center on the other side of the river. On the way we will have a look at Velká Chuchle, traditional Sunday horse race premises, coming soon to the Staropramen brewery, where we will drop you off to see the concert and enjoy the making and tasting of the local beer. 

Cheers to the summer and quality time spent in Prague with the Czechs! 

vysehradstaropramen koncert

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