About Us

We are a small local Czech family business.

The idea of starting to offer our services  came from the fact that we all love travelling and we all love our beautiful and ancient city. Our love of our city and our history and traditions is something we wanted to share with our citys visitors and show them the true face of the Czech people and old fashioned Czech hospitality as well as to show places which are still off the beaten path – places that other tourists would most like never discover!

We believe we offer the experience that all of us would love to have when we travel – the fascinating world under the surface of the surroundings and not just the historical and cultural context. If you are interested in finding out about not only the incredibly history of Prague but also about the local life and special tips for where to go if you want to know what theCzechs are all about, we hope you contact us. We would love to show you around! As we say in Czech – “Vítejte v Praze!” (Welcome to Prague!)


Ready to offer our services are:


Michaela - guide

Michaela is a natural born Praguer. In her teenage years, right after the 1989 revolution, she used to sit in the Kampa park and stroll across the empty Charles bridge listening to young Americans playing guitar trying to find their luck on the bridge. She likes to meet new foreign people, lived in the Netherlands and Finland, and wants to show the visitors the true, local face of the Czech people, not just the obvious locations for tourists.


Martin - guide

Martin has travelled the world, been everywhere, met everybody, just to realize that Prague is the most beautiful city in the world. He never uses the public transport, just walks to get again and again astonished by the amazing historical heritage the city is covered in. He is ready to pass his enthusiasm to the visitors, from which he especially enjoys to chat with the Latino people with whom he spent most of his winters.


Tomáš - driver, all other background work

Tomáš can organize everything. He is a careful listener. He wants to make everybody happy and fulfil everbody´s wishes. He is able to give his last penny to an unknown foreigner on the street. He is the personification of the Czech hospitality we want you to experience. Thanks to his background services your only wish will be to come back and experience our tour again!


Štěpán - driver, guide

Štěpán is our your safety manager. He knows Prague streets from top to bottom from the drivers point of view and so will always bring your ebikes on time wherever you will need them. Whatever should be fixed, he will fix. Should you need something to be organized in addition to what is our standard, he is the one to fulfil your wishes on the spot!


Robert - guide

Robert is a natural born expert. Robert knows everything. He can speak hours about every little forgotten corner in our majestic ancient city. Ask Robert, he knows. He has very tight connections with Russia and also Italy, if you are from these two countries, he might even guess what you are thinking! Or at least show you what you are really interested in!


Lucie - guide

Lucie is the sunshine of our team. If you woke up with your left foot, she will make you smile again. She is eager to show you Prague how she knows it, especially if there is a connection with the political history, art and nature. Lucie spent some reasonable time in Austria, Florida and California and is ready to guide you through Prague´s many streets and parks with her sense for detail in English and German language.

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